When entering a community pharmacy, the public expects safety and advice.

The public places his trust in the pharmacist and his co-workers, as people who make an essential contribution to patients' health.

The public knows community pharmacy is a health facility, where the organisation of space and tasks is subject to many requirements set in the Public Health Law. This is a place to meet with health professionals whose actions comply with these legal requirements as well as good practice.

In order to meet these expectations, quality of practice, ongoing improvement of professional practice, as well as compliance with provisions applicable to community pharmacy as such, are permanent objectives for pharmacists and their teams.

Therefore the eQo website (eQo is short for "community pharmacy quality assessment" in French) is meant to support the pharmacist and his team's quality approach, in order to secure the actions of the pharmacist in the interest of patients.

For now, the questionnaires available for 6 topics focus on the community pharmacy structure and common practice. They will be expanded over time in order to tackle topics which are relevant to pharmacists taking up volontury tasks: traineeship supervisors (pharmaciens maîtres de stage), nursing home supervisors (pharmaciens référents), liaising pharmacists working within a healthcare team (pharmaciens correspondants)...

Enjoy your visit to our site and do become "eQo-logical" !

Marcelline Grillon
Vice President of the Pharmacy Owners section in the French Chamber of Pharmacists
President of the Council of Pharmacy Owners in the Centre region



What eQo offers in practice  I What is quality  I Why a quality approach  I Non-quality  I How to start off, and how to keep the quality approach going

What eQo offers in practice

A self-assessment , either mixing all 6 topics or focusing on one of them :

A selection of documents , based on the score achieved in self-assessment.

A library  of various documents and educational material sorted by topic.

How to use the questionnaire

Do not hesitate to renew the assessment and thus track your progress in implementing your quality approach !

How to read your score

Scores are based on the Chamber's risk analysis and are in no way a perfect measurement. Notation is provided with the aim of securing the pharmacists' actions for the benefit of patients' health, in accordance with regulations.

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What is quality?

The quality approach puts patient's interest first and values the role of the pharmacist.

This ongoing approach aims at ensuring that the pharmacist's actions are performed according to "state of the art" principles.
Every resource -staffing, premises, storage, equipment, traceability, filing…- has to meet obligations (set by laws, regulations, good practice…) and requirements, both explicit (contracts…) and tacit (safety patients have a right to expect).

Quality encompasses prevention, detection, correction and traceability of errors and non-conformities, which entail costs and drifts in the everyday community pharmacy practice.

Why a quality approach ?

A quality approach is meant to:


Non-quality puts:

The later non-quality is detected, the bigger the consequences. One must be able to assess causes for non-quality, such as organisation, motivation or training.

Examples of non-quality are cold chain failures or failures to follow up on an alert :


How to start off, and how to keep the quality approach going

Find out more :  Fiche professionnelle "La qualité à l'officine"

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